In textile printing, thickeners are needed to control the rheology of dye pastes, which are applied via screen or roll printing. Alginates are often the thickeners of choice because they are pure non-reactive hydrodynamic thickeners unlike starches and other thickeners. These are especially important when using reactive dyes which react with cellulose in the fabric. After printing, Lotus’ sodium alginate is simply washed out of the fabric.
Depending on machine speeds, dye,viscosities will vary and QingdaoJiashidi Seaweed Co.,Ltd. carries a wide variety of alginates to match your viscosity needs. In addition, our professional technicians can give you a detailed instruction of your current formulation and improve your print and dyeing effect to optimize performance.

Item Specification
Viscosity 50---1600CPS 1%
Moisture% ≤15.0
PH 6.0—8.0
Ca% ≤0.4
Ash Content% /
Filterablity 80g